5 Mar

CO-owned/ Loaned Player Transfers update,.,.,

Spinazzola -> Virtus Lanciano
Spinazzola’s move makes sense. He has 5 others in front of him in the Empoli midfield, and after his success last season as one of our finest primavera players he needs to be getting more than 7 games in 4 months. Virtus Lanciano have Nicola Leali, so there will be an immediate connection for the youngster, and we can only assume that they have asked for Spinazzola. In the relegation fight, in which they are doing very well, he is likely to get far more playing time. An expected move from Beppe and his team.

Alberto Masi > Ternana
Masi’s moving to Ternana is more interesting and unexpected. Before his injury he was playing as a starter. In some ways it makes sense…Pro Vercelli are mired in the pit of doom near the bottom. whereas Ternana are mid table and still well within striking distance of the play off positions if they could put together a good run. We have to assume that the Ternana management has seen a role for Masi, and if so, then its a move up for him. What causes slight concern is the report on FI I read which states that –
‘Ternana have the option to sign the player outright in June 2013, but the Old Lady have a counter-option over his ownership.’
Originally, we purchased 50% of him, then quickly grabbed the remaining 50%. Which was last summer. We then loaned him back to Pro Vercelli (from whom we we buying him). 
What does that FI gibberish mean???
He remains our player, likely on a 3-5 year contract. We have loaned him to Pro Vercelli, and now loaned him to Ternana. Ternana have the option to buy him at the end of the season, but whether they want him or not we can make a counter-offer…which makes things even harder to fathom. For to WHOM would be offering anything??? If I am mistaken on this, put me Right.

I guess we must await the finer details of the loan arrangement before passing judgement.

Prince Desir Gouano > Vicenza
As for the Prince…He has made just the one appearance for Virtus Lanciano, in which they were cut to slithers in a heavy loss. It was essential for the french defender to move elsewhere, hopefully to a club who will give him games. He needs chances to redeem himself. I could be mistaken, but I vaguely recall that in that particular game Prince was subbed on, and then subbed off…have I imagined that? Needless cruelty but worth mentioning, for the record. 

This is probably not the end of the last minute movements of our various loaned/co-owned players, but for now, they all look sensible and positive.


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