Uefa Youth League kicks off today…Copenhagen v Juventus

17 Sep


Can Sakor emulate his hero????

Whilst Vidal and Tevez launch themselves into battle against the Danish champions, their younger counterparts at Juve are set to do the same with the commencement of the Uefa Youth League ready to kick off today. The tournament, which replaces to some degree, the now defunct NextGen series, will run concurrently alongside the seniors champions league routine, that is, of course, until the end of the group stage when anything is possible.

So today at 3pm CET, Andrea Zanchetta and Fabio Grosso will send their young charges to the field in Copenhagen and hope for a promising start to the inaugural competition.

The squad is as follows-

GoalkeepersCitti, Audero, Elezaj

DefendersBertinetti, Tavanti, Curti, Penna, Varga

MidfieldersMattiello, Sakor, Gerbaudo, Cevallos, Di Benedetto, Roussos, Hromada

StrikersMarzouk, Otin, Donis, Ceria

The notable absences of Barlocco, Marin and Beunacasa could well be explained by late arrivals at the club and also a decision of Zanchetta to avoid placing all of his eggs in one basket. It could also be more likely a case of having little time to judge his players and choosing the best of what he has seen since joining the club over the Summer. The regulations of selection demand that only players born after 1995 can take part and also, that 10 of the players per squad must have been with their club for at least 2 years.

Last weekend, we played our third game of the primavera league, beating a stubborn Empoli team 2-1, which leaves us third in the table after 3 games having won two, lost one. Donis was the star of the show scoring a wonderful solo goal as well as winning a penalty, which he missed, and causing the opponents constant trauma. Gerbaudo grabbed the other goal from the rebound and also hit the post late on.

Line-up against Empoli

Vannucchi; Marin, Curti, Pol Garcia, Joel Untersee Sakor, Di Benedetto, Russo, Gerbaudo, Marzouk, Donis.


Tassos Donis, prima punta for Juventus Primavera…Can he mix it with the best of his generation????

The squad contains a large offering of players brimming with promise. Curti, Tavanti and Penna have all impressed in defence. The midfield dynamo Vajebah Sakor will lead the side from the centre of the park alongside the highly thought of Ecuadorian winger Cevallos and italians Gerbaudo and Mattiello. In attack, Marzouk has already opened his account and with rising Greek star Donis in fine form, the omens look generous…


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