International Youth Players in our ranks…

14 Dec

With some Juventini wondering just what the hell is going on with our youth procurement policy, I feel that rather than bang on about the wily scouting and sound investments made under the direction of Beppe and Paratici, the best way forward is to list the internationals we have in our youth ranks…

Younes Marzouk CF – Morocco U17

Anastasios Donis CF/SS- Greek U19

Luca Barlocco LB – Italy U18

Vajebah Sakor DM/CM – Norway U17

Fillippo Romagna CB – Italy U17

Jakub Hromada DM – Slovakia U17

Almpertos Roussos CM – Greek U19

Vlad Marin LB – Romania U19

Emil Audero GK – Italy U18

Jose Cevallos AM/CM – Ecuador U20

Joel Untersee RB – Switzerland U20

Leonardo Citti GK – Italy U19

Vyjkintas Slivka CM – Lithuania U19

Edoardo Ceria LW – Italy U19

Christian Tavanti RB – Italy U18

Attila Varga CB – Slovakia U17

Matteo Gerbaudo CM – Italy U18

Etonjo Elezaj GK – Albania U19

(All the above are part of the primavera squad. The below are from younger age groups)

Luigi Rizzo LB – Italy U17

Mattea Vitale CM – Italy U16

Roman Macek RM – Czech U17

Simone Muratore RM – Italy U16

Luca Clemenza RW – Italy U17

Matteo Del Favero GK – Italy U16

18 of our primavera squad are international players. Which to me, suggests our transfer strategy is healthy…and all we need it patience.

There is not a queue of Pogbas awaiting our interest. He is the kind of player who appears once in a generation. So what are we to do, in terms of locating new talent?? Surely it makes sense to acquire youth players who are recognized by their national spies and coaches and given the chance to represent their country.

We have a roster of internationals in our youth ranks. Where they go from there is up to the players themselves, but perhaps more so, the coaches, whose job it is to develop, nurture and mature the promise shown at such an early age.

Whilst the results of our senior squad procurement policies are plain to see as wonderful (from two consecutive 7th place finishes to two consecutive title winning squads), the youth arena is a different game altogether. Physicality plays a huge part in the youth sector, for those players blessed with gargantuan frames find it easy to impose themselves against weaker boys. It is only when these combatants are mixing it with the adults, the men, can we begin to see what they are truly made of.

In the cut and thrust high octane realm of football, that step from youth to senior is immensely important. Were we a Serie B club, perhaps these players would be afforded a far greater chance to progress to our senior squad. However, this is not the case. We are well on our way to becoming the domestic powerhouse of italian football. We have not the time or opportunity to blood our little ones in the upper tier of domestic and european football. Which means…they must be loaned or co-owned, to clubs who will give them a chance to mature.

As far as I can tell, Zanchetta and Grosso hardly seem a dream team, but on the transfer side of things, we are most definitely bringing to the club, a healthy portion of the best kids from around the world. What more can we ask for???


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