United’s woes…

11 Apr

Any manager who presided over such a terrible season, huge drop in form, many of the very worst performances seen at Old Trafford in the living memory of many fans, both neutrals and die-hard United supporters, deserves to be criticized strongly. It is not solely the abject failure of this term to consider but also the knock-on effects for the future.

A team, even of United’s stature, will now find some difficulty in attracting top talent to the club without any champions league football to offer prospective signings. The allure is further soiled and reduced by the reputation Moyes has forged of failure, and also, by the lengthy gap between the front runners for the title and United of Today.

An over-reliance on RVP makes sense, but what does it say of Moyes ability to get the best out of other world class talent such as Mata and Rooney??? The Spaniard clearly needs time to settle, but the early signs are worrisome, for a player of his top drawer quality should shine wherever he goes. Can Moyes manage the true greats??? He has generally looked a cruel shadow of his Chelsea character.

Fellaini has been a terrible waste of 27m. Yes, he can improve, but under Moyes????

Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra are all departing. Who is ready to step into their shoes???Any hopes of signing Baines will have evaporated if Everton gain champions league qualification, and even without that success, why would he join a team seemingly on the decline when his side are progressing beautifully under Martinez?? With Chelsea and potentially other top clubs interested in Luke Shaw, will Moyes have any hope there??

The situation isn’t completely grim. Their history is rich, the fan-base huge and the brand globally recognized. Players will still want to play with Rooney, RVP and Mata, but the cream of the crop will be seeing United as a back-up option this Summer, with clubs offering champions league football proving more attractive.

It seems odd to all but guarantee a top four finish next season. Chelsea and City will strengthen further, both have considerably stronger squads and stronger managers (especially Chelsea). Liverpool are not a one season wonder. Their team is growing under Rodgers and who would suggest they will not improve further still, attract better talent over the close season and challenge for the title again next term??

Which leaves Man United, at best, challenging for 4th spot. With Arsenal. It will be a revival of the old battles between the former greats, except rather than 1st and 2nd, they will be jousting over 4th and 5th.

It isn’t just great clubs and great opportunities which attract players, it’s also great managers. Man United have only the first on that list.


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