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Juventus 3 – 3 Sassuolo PRIMAVERA

2 Apr

Vykintas Slivka – The hero of last week become the villain of today. Continued his scoring run with his second in two matches, but followed it up with a headbutt and straight red. Amusing and certainly the sign of a strong will, but it didn’t help our cause.


Tavanti Varga Pellizzarri Barlocco

Gerbaudo (Ceria 80′) Kabashi (Cevallos 67′) Sakor Alivka

Soumah (Roussos 57′) Donis


Slivka 18′ , Donis 22′, Sakor 52′

A topsy turvy game saw us fall behind as early at the 5th minute, with Slivka pulling us even in the 18th minute. Unfortunately Vanucchi soon turned the tie in our opponents favour with a haphazard own goal…

The see-saw nature of the match continued, with Donis scoring his tenth league goal of the season on 22 minutes to once again bring parity. Disaster struck early in the 2nd half with Slivka expelled for a filthy challenge on an opponent’s rib-cage. Which didn’t stop our midfield dynamo Vajebah Sakor driving forward and scoring his first of the league campaign to put us in the lead at 3-2.

Vajebah Sakor – Finally showing some solid form after been moved to his favoured regista role at the base of midfield.

Already down to ten men, Tavanti was also given his marching orders with 56 minutes on the clock, leaving us facing a testing final half hour. Bringing on three fresh strikers gave Sassuolo the impetus required and they broke our resolve on 74′. The game petered out to a draw.

Entertaining, yet the draw sees us drop down to 3rd place in the table, on equal points with second placed Sampdoria, but with a far inferior goal difference. Next up on the fixture list is a visit to bottom placed Modena, where surely we will pick up a much needed victory. With four games left to play until the finals (Modena A, Siena H, Sampdoria A, Novara H) we really need to be picking up momentum, aiming for the automatic qualification to the knockout competition and hoping to bring some success to an otherwise hugely disappointing season.


UEFA Youth League Overview

16 Feb

17th September, 2013

Juventus (4-3-3) : Audero; Tavanti, N.Curti, Garcia Tena, Marin (68 ‘Varga); Sakor, Cevallos, Roussos, Di Benedetto (46’ Ceria), Donis, Soumah (46 ‘Marzouk). SUBS: Elezaj, bertinetti, Gerbaudo , A.Curti. Coaches: Andrea Zanchetta. Scorers : 12 ‘. aut © Marin, 26’ Garcia Tena (J), 62 ‘Sakor (J). BOOKED : Donis Garcia Tena, Ceria. RED : Roussos.

Early pressure saw Man City import, Marin score a disgusting own goal, lashing the ball past startled Audero, whilst under pressure from an opponent.Surely that’s the end of his Juve career.

A fortunate free-kick was then awarded on the edge of the 18 yard area, with Cevallos and Pol Garcia looming over the ball. The big centre-back despatched a beautiful curling strike into the corner to level the scoreline in the 25′.

On 62 minutes, Sakow was found in the box, scrambled past the defenders and goalkeeper and put us in the lead from close range.

Victory looked certain, with more opportunities coming our way before a last ditch scything challenge in the area led to a penalty in the dying seconds, which was duly converted, leaving us licking our wounds, bothered, like the seniors, to be leaving Denmark with a solitary point.

Next on the fixture list was the visit of the hated turks…

Juventus 3 -1 Galatasaray

JUVENTUS (3-5-2): Audero; Curti, Romagna, Garcia Tena; Tavanti, Slivka (78 ‘Cevallos), Sakor (67’ Hromada ), Gerbaudo, Ceria; Soumah Marzouk (71 ‘Clemency). SUBS: Elezaj, bertinetti, Marin County, Penna. Coaches: Andrea Zanchetta. . Scorers: 48 ‘Bnou-Marzouk, 65’ Gerbaudo, 74 ‘Orhan, 79’ Soumah. Booked: 54 ‘Garcia Tena, 90’ Hromada.

Marzouk opened the scoring early on, latching onto a cross whipped in from the right flank for 1-0.

It was the Moroccan again…driving down the left flank, beating the defender with north african flair, then serving up a great chance on a plate for Gerbaudo, who made no mistake lofting the ball into the top corner with his left boot from 10 yards out.

Orhan pulled one back for the Turks, following up to slot in after a solid save from Audero. With 79 minutes played, it was 2-1.

Late on in the match, Juve secured a welcome victory when Tavanti found space to cross from the right wing, finding Soumah in the middle for a perfect header to fire in our third.

Our next opponents were Real Madrid. Confidence was high but the result was horrible, in every way imaginable.

Real Madrid 6 – 2 Juventus

Juventus (3-5-2): Citti, Garcia Tena, Tavanti , Curtis N. (46 ‘Barlocco), Pen, Sakor, Gerbaudo, Slivka (46’ Di Benedetto), Buenacasa Alba, Ceria (46 ‘Soumah), Donis. SUBS: Elezaj, bertinetti, Roussos, Otín. Coaches: Andrea Zanchetta. Referee: Rene Eisner (AUT). Scorers: 14 ‘, 33’, 51 ‘and 84’ Narvaez, 38 ‘Rodriguez, 74’ Buenacasa, 78 ‘Soumah, 80’ Jimenez. Booked: 15 ‘pen, 82’ Tavanti, 84 ‘Of Benedict

No need to go into any detail here. Simply put, we got smashed.

And then the return…

Delightful scene…shame we went down 0-2 at home.

Juventus 0-2 Real Madrid

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Audero; Tavanti, Romagna, Garcia Tena, Barlocco; Roussos, Sakor ( 55 ‘Slivka), Mattiello (73’ Ceria); Donis, Marzouk (65 ‘Buenacasa), Soumah. SUBS: Citti, bertinetti Pen Otin Lafuente.
Scorers: 36 ‘Jimenez, 92’ Sáez Carrillo. booked Juve: Roussos, Sakor, Soumah, Garcia Tena.

Yet again, no need to go into detail with this one. For who wants to see us dominated, beaten and goal-less??

So onto the visit to Turin of Copenhagen. Our future was in our hands. Surely we could win this one, and place ourselves in a comfortable second position in the group???

Juventus 2-2 Copenhagen

Juventus (4-4-2): Audero; Tavanti Pen Romagna (78 ‘Buenacasa), Barlocco; Donis, Slivka (46’ Cevallos ), Gerbaudo, Mattiello (59 ‘Ceria); Soumah Bnou-Marzouk. available : Vannucchi bertinetti, Marin, Sakor. Coaches: Andrea Zanchetta. Scorers: 34 ‘Nordam, 38’ Soumah, 50 ‘Felfel, 80’ Gerbaudo.BOOKED Juve: 63 ‘Gerbaudo.

Finally, we faced the turks in their own back-yard, knowing that if Real Madrid beat Copenhagen away, and we won our tie, we would go through to the next round…

Galatasaray 0 – 5 Juventus

JUVENTUS (3-5-2): Audero; Pen, Romagna, Garcia, Mattiello, Cevallos, Slivka, Gerbaudo (82 ‘Sakor), Barlocco; Soumah (60’ Donis), Bnou-Marzouk (81 ‘Clemency .) SUBS: Vannucchi bertinetti, Tavanti, Buenacasa. Coaches: Andrea Zanchetta. Scorers : 15 ‘Soumah, 64’. 76 ‘and 78’ Bnou-Marzouk, 72 ‘Donis. BOOKED Juve Garcia Tena, Barlocco, Gerbaudo, Slivka.

Soumah opened the scoring, slotting past the keeper to five us the lead. It took until the second half for us to double the lead, Marzouk guiding the ball into the net when put through one on one.

The flood gates opened…Donis was next on the score sheet, been pushed wide left but squeezing the ball over the line from an acute angle.

Marzouk added two more for his hatrick before the fat lady sang, but alas, it was all in vein, for the Danes beat Madrid 3-2, sending us out of the tournament.

Final group standings left us third, on 8 points from 6 games.


Empoli 1 – 2 Juventus (PRIMAVERA)

16 Feb

After a terribly disappointing viareggio showing, coming soon after our exit from the coppa italia, it was time to get back to the business of winning.

Unfortunately the hosts took the lead in the 11th minute after a slip-up by Romagna at the back for Juve, allowing Frugoli to open the scoring.

Roussos almost drew us level when heading against the crossbar from the corner kick.

Still they came at us, with two chances well cut out by Mattiello. And then…our luck finally changed, with Konate given his marching orders after earning his second yellow for a lunch on Roussos. Down to ten men, but a goal up, the game was there for us to grab by the horns…

It didn’t take long in the second half for us to finally get on the score-sheet with up and coming greek star Donis leveling the match in the 48th minute. Within two minutes of the restart, Marzouk popped up to register his first strike since that memorable hatrick against Galatasaray in the Uefa Youth League on the 10th December.

The result, which it must be said did seem to hinge on the rather harsh red card for Konate, moves us up to third spot in the table…

Summary - Campionato Nazionale Primavera - Italy - Results, fixtures, tables and news - Soccerway - Chromium_003

International Youth Players in our ranks…

14 Dec

With some Juventini wondering just what the hell is going on with our youth procurement policy, I feel that rather than bang on about the wily scouting and sound investments made under the direction of Beppe and Paratici, the best way forward is to list the internationals we have in our youth ranks…

Younes Marzouk CF – Morocco U17

Anastasios Donis CF/SS- Greek U19

Luca Barlocco LB – Italy U18

Vajebah Sakor DM/CM – Norway U17

Fillippo Romagna CB – Italy U17

Jakub Hromada DM – Slovakia U17

Almpertos Roussos CM – Greek U19

Vlad Marin LB – Romania U19

Emil Audero GK – Italy U18

Jose Cevallos AM/CM – Ecuador U20

Joel Untersee RB – Switzerland U20

Leonardo Citti GK – Italy U19

Vyjkintas Slivka CM – Lithuania U19

Edoardo Ceria LW – Italy U19

Christian Tavanti RB – Italy U18

Attila Varga CB – Slovakia U17

Matteo Gerbaudo CM – Italy U18

Etonjo Elezaj GK – Albania U19

(All the above are part of the primavera squad. The below are from younger age groups)

Luigi Rizzo LB – Italy U17

Mattea Vitale CM – Italy U16

Roman Macek RM – Czech U17

Simone Muratore RM – Italy U16

Luca Clemenza RW – Italy U17

Matteo Del Favero GK – Italy U16

18 of our primavera squad are international players. Which to me, suggests our transfer strategy is healthy…and all we need it patience.

There is not a queue of Pogbas awaiting our interest. He is the kind of player who appears once in a generation. So what are we to do, in terms of locating new talent?? Surely it makes sense to acquire youth players who are recognized by their national spies and coaches and given the chance to represent their country.

We have a roster of internationals in our youth ranks. Where they go from there is up to the players themselves, but perhaps more so, the coaches, whose job it is to develop, nurture and mature the promise shown at such an early age.

Whilst the results of our senior squad procurement policies are plain to see as wonderful (from two consecutive 7th place finishes to two consecutive title winning squads), the youth arena is a different game altogether. Physicality plays a huge part in the youth sector, for those players blessed with gargantuan frames find it easy to impose themselves against weaker boys. It is only when these combatants are mixing it with the adults, the men, can we begin to see what they are truly made of.

In the cut and thrust high octane realm of football, that step from youth to senior is immensely important. Were we a Serie B club, perhaps these players would be afforded a far greater chance to progress to our senior squad. However, this is not the case. We are well on our way to becoming the domestic powerhouse of italian football. We have not the time or opportunity to blood our little ones in the upper tier of domestic and european football. Which means…they must be loaned or co-owned, to clubs who will give them a chance to mature.

As far as I can tell, Zanchetta and Grosso hardly seem a dream team, but on the transfer side of things, we are most definitely bringing to the club, a healthy portion of the best kids from around the world. What more can we ask for???

Uefa Youth League kicks off today…Copenhagen v Juventus

17 Sep


Can Sakor emulate his hero????

Whilst Vidal and Tevez launch themselves into battle against the Danish champions, their younger counterparts at Juve are set to do the same with the commencement of the Uefa Youth League ready to kick off today. The tournament, which replaces to some degree, the now defunct NextGen series, will run concurrently alongside the seniors champions league routine, that is, of course, until the end of the group stage when anything is possible.

So today at 3pm CET, Andrea Zanchetta and Fabio Grosso will send their young charges to the field in Copenhagen and hope for a promising start to the inaugural competition.

The squad is as follows-

GoalkeepersCitti, Audero, Elezaj

DefendersBertinetti, Tavanti, Curti, Penna, Varga

MidfieldersMattiello, Sakor, Gerbaudo, Cevallos, Di Benedetto, Roussos, Hromada

StrikersMarzouk, Otin, Donis, Ceria

The notable absences of Barlocco, Marin and Beunacasa could well be explained by late arrivals at the club and also a decision of Zanchetta to avoid placing all of his eggs in one basket. It could also be more likely a case of having little time to judge his players and choosing the best of what he has seen since joining the club over the Summer. The regulations of selection demand that only players born after 1995 can take part and also, that 10 of the players per squad must have been with their club for at least 2 years.

Last weekend, we played our third game of the primavera league, beating a stubborn Empoli team 2-1, which leaves us third in the table after 3 games having won two, lost one. Donis was the star of the show scoring a wonderful solo goal as well as winning a penalty, which he missed, and causing the opponents constant trauma. Gerbaudo grabbed the other goal from the rebound and also hit the post late on.

Line-up against Empoli

Vannucchi; Marin, Curti, Pol Garcia, Joel Untersee Sakor, Di Benedetto, Russo, Gerbaudo, Marzouk, Donis.


Tassos Donis, prima punta for Juventus Primavera…Can he mix it with the best of his generation????

The squad contains a large offering of players brimming with promise. Curti, Tavanti and Penna have all impressed in defence. The midfield dynamo Vajebah Sakor will lead the side from the centre of the park alongside the highly thought of Ecuadorian winger Cevallos and italians Gerbaudo and Mattiello. In attack, Marzouk has already opened his account and with rising Greek star Donis in fine form, the omens look generous…

Youth UPDATES of key Juve youngsters

27 Mar

With a hotchpotch of internationals curtailing and colliding with the regular fixtures its a tricky time for pulling together streamlined reports of our finest youth talent, but try I must, for if I lose my rhythm now, momentum will be lost and with it, my up until now keen and constant eye cast firmly on the future in black and white jerseys.

Let us begin with a peek at one of my favourite acquisitions by Paratici and Beppe, from a fairly impressive selection they have brought to the club since embarking on the path of major revitalization of the flagging juventus youth sector.

Gabriel Appelt

(Prior to signing for Juve, Gabriel was playing for Brazilian club Resende…Its an old video, yet still demonstrates his abilities)

Finally back in the swing of things and approaching the fine form of late 2012, the Brazilian regista has played every minute of the last three outings for struggling Pro Vercelli. The hard fought 0-1 away win over Padova was followed up with a devastating 2-3 home reverse to Brescia, but yesterday’s huge 1-3 victory on the road against Spezia leaves the Serie B débutantes still within sight but not yet touching distance of salvation. 8 points separates them from the Spezia team they outplayed, out-muscled and outwitted, who despite the defeat sit in 19th position on 36 points. Pro Vercelli stay 21st on 28 points. With 9 games left to stave off the threat of damnation and relegation, Gabriel’s unpredictable basement dwellers will need to hope that Spezia are devastated by the result, that their morale has started to sink, with infectious ever increasing weight on their hearts and souls, dragging them down, deeper and deeper into the mire.

What is useful for Gabriel and for us in turn as juventini all eager to see our young seedlings blossom into great oaks and vicious venus fly traps, is that the Brazilian has not only regained his form and starting spot very soon after returning from a nasty injury (fractured fibula), but he is receiving the added education and toughening up of a relegation dog fight. The longer Pro Vercelli can continue to smell an escape from the purgatory of their own making, the better for senor Appelt.

Played 16 (3 SUB appearances, 1 substitution)
Scored 1
Assists 2

NB. His fractured fibula kept him out of first team contention from 17th November – 26th January

Alberto Masi

Alberto Masi – Future Juventus centre-back???

Its a good sign, as with Gabriel at Vercelli after his injury, that Masi, once finding himself in contention for a starting place at Ternana, has grabbed it and made it his own, putting in several rock solid performances over the last few weeks. The elegant centre back, likened to Nesta last year, has started and finished the last four for Ternana, a run which has seen them successfully achieve a quartet of clean sheets on the bounce. I suspect its more than a mere co-incidence that the run began with Masi’s inclusion in the starting XI. His team reside in 12th spot with 40 points, 6 away from the play-off zone.

Its taken some time for Alberto to force his way onto the starting team-sheet, but now he appears set to stay put until the end of the season. Positive signs indeed. Much was written of the lanky stopper when we signed him outright in the summer of 2012 and his season must be seen as one of success and progress. He has made the step up from Lega Pro to Serie B football with confidence and quality, and its fair to wonder if his form this season will be enough to possibly win him a spot at a lower ranked Serie A team for next season. At 20 years old, another season in serie B wouldn’t do him any harm…

Played 18 ( 2 SUB appearances, 1 substitution)
goals – 1
3 yellow
1 red

Seldom mentioned is a player who recently made his 18th appearance for the Italy U21 squad and has been enjoying a fine season with promotion chasing Brescia. 22 year old midfielder Fausto Rossi has been a consistent performer for both club and country and this season, it could be make or break for him in terms of a continued association with Juventus. His contract runs until the middle of 2014, but surely its time to make a decision on a player with obvious talent. Ideally, Brescia will gain promotion and be eager, after his 23 showings this season, to retain his services for their return to the top flight. Failing which, it seems likely that Fausto will be loaned, yet again, to another club in the second tier or used as a make-weight in a deal for a Serie A player. From our perspective, it can only be positive to see him continuing to turn out for the Azzurini, as well as playing a regular part in Brescia’s charge towards the play-offs. As for Fausto himself, dreams of earning a call from Conte seem far-fetched at present and for the foreseeable future given the powerful state of our midfield.

Fausto has been deployed by Brescia coach Calori generally as one of three centre midfielders, sporadically placed further up the field in a more attacking role in the middle behind the two strikers, more often than not in a 3-5-2 formation. Which potentially suggests him as a viable option for our MVP region. But our MVP is now MVP/P, with Pogba already at the stage of development and potency which places him next in line for any of those 3 positions. Asamoah is also likely higher up the pecking order and more than able to play in the Marchiso or Vidals roles. Then there is Isla, who once back in form could be used in the middle. So where could young Fausto fit in??? As the back-up of the back-up for the back-up???

A huge challenge lies ahead if he is to make it back to piedmont…

Played 23 serie b ( 7 SUB appearances, 7 substitutions)
2 assists
Played 5 Italy u21 (2 SUB appearances, 1 substitution)
1 assist

I’m giving Leali a break…not due to a lack of information, but others deserve their time in the limelight for a change. Suffice to say, he has continued his VERY impressive form, although gave a silly penalty away recently which directly contributed to a defeat for Virtus Lanciano. He has much to learn, but what is clear now, week in, week out, is that he has extraordinary natural talent, is very vocal and commanding in his area, enjoys the cat-like reflexes so important in any top keeper, and all that he lacks is experience.

Following on from Rossi is another player seldom spoken of in Juve circles. A player who scored a beautiful goal at Old Trafford a couple of years back. ().

At 21 years of age, Manuel Giandonato has represented Italy at every youth level, managed 8 games for Lecce in serie A, and is currently enjoying a solid spell at Cesena after putting in a good shift at Vicenza before his late January move. Swapping the dogfight at the bottom offered by Vicenza for the relative mid-table comfort of Cesena seems a wise choice and confirmation of his value in the midfield. For why else would Cesena have wanted a regular part of a failing team??? He likes to shoot and get involved in the attack as much as possible although is content and often used in front of the defence in a more defensive role.

The right footed central midfielder is facing a similar problem to that of Rossi, namely : is there ever going to be a chance for him at Juventus given the quality of the players in our squad presently occupying his position?.

Unfortunately, the best Manuel can hope for is progression to a team in Serie A next season, who will showcase his talents well enough to earn the attention of Conte. Even then, what of Pogba and Marchiso and Vidal and the rest??? Its pleasing to see him play well in a regista role, and the same can be said of Appelt, for if any part of the MVP midfield is to be up for grabs in the next year or three, its the Pirlo element. As things stand he will be fighting against Appelt and Buoy for the chance to get in the mix for the that role.

So far so good, a solid season of…
Appearances 22 (9 SUB appearances 8 Substitutions)
3 assists
1 goal

Our primavera team got back to winning ways in the league with a savage 1-5 mauling away to Parma. The big fella up top, Stefano Padovan, grabbed a hatrick with Ruggiero and Beltrame wrapping up what turned out to be a comprehensive slaughter and return to their devastating pre-viareggio form. Padovan now has a stunning record of 13 goals from 14 games, with his strike partner Beltrame in hot pursuit with 7 goals from 13 outings.
Untersee Garcia Rugani
Cavion Gerbaudo Mattiello(Slivka 61′) Ruggiero (Di Benedetto 81′) Schiavone
Beltrame Padovan (Penna 72′)


Padovan 41′, 63′(pen), 72′
Ruggiero 81′
Beltrame 85′ (Pen)

With the second leg of the primavera coppa set for April 16 , contrary to earlier reports, the primavera now have a fairly open fixture list, which should allow us to regain a decent lead at the top of the league, gain some vicious momentum and allow some of our recent additions to the squad a chance to settle in more thoroughly. Cevallos and Pepic have hardly featured, but one of the new arrivals from January who has already caught the eye is …Vejabah Sakor.

I feel the need to offer a brief update on the slowly, but surely rising star of Mr. Sakor, who has recently played a captain’s role in Norway U17’s solid showing in the elite stage of the U17 European championships. Losing to Italy 1-0, edging past N. Ireland 2-1 and drawing their final group match 1-1 with Holland was only enough to place them 2nd in the table, meaning the end of the road.

At 16 years old he is captaining his country, gave a great showing in the Nextgen series for former club Rosenborg and has already managed 2 appearances for our U19 primavera outfit. We must keep an eye on the lad…There is something special about him. So young, yet so strong, both physically and technically.